About us

 "Let us help your Condominium keep it simple!"

Mission statement

Simply Condos Limited wants to provide their clients with the guidance and assistance they need to successfully manage their Condominium Corporations.  We understand the bottom line: Every owner wants the reassurance that their homes and equity are being looked after responsibly, in a timely fashion, and by people they feel they can trust.

We believe the recipe for that success is Simple. Direct communication and transparency with your owners is paramount. Corporations should be utilizing the digital tools at their disposal to meet modern communication expectations.  Owner requests and compliance issues need to be handled promptly and respectfully, so that the Board can focus on the community at large.  Our clients success is our success.


Simply Condos was opened in 2023 in London, Ontario by Jonathan Bull. Jonathan believes that we can provide exceptional management of your condominium community by keeping it simple.  Condo Communities need communication, owners need fast action and follow ups, and Boards want to be focused on the horizon, not the day-to-day compliance issues.

Jonathan is a London, Ontario native, and has worked with many Directors, Property Managers, and industry professionals in his time in the Industry as both an assistant and CMRAO licensed manager.  

When not dealing with the Condo world, Jonathan enjoys collecting tropical plants, working on and driving his 1995 Volkswagen Convertible, and starts each "weather co-operative" day with a walk in Springbank Park (often crossing paths with his board members).

Jonathan Bull, BSc., OLCM

Condominium Manager