"Condominium management, kept simple."

We are a condominium management service provider serving London, Ontario.   We believe that Condominium Management doesn't have to be difficult. We want to provide the guidance and tools to keep your Board of Directors moving down their agendas and your owners happy. 

Our experience has shown us that Condominium Boards who practice communication, transparency, and focus on property values, will not only enjoy the process but succeed in providing a sense of community to their owners.    It's that simple


Corporations need to be quick and clear in their communication with owners. Our Corporation websites enhance your Boards' ability to deliver critical notices or newsletters to your community . We also offer Zoom Meetings for Directors and Annual Owner Meetings, Electronic Voting, and user friendly CAO forms to maximize Owner attendance and involvement. 


Owners want to trust that their property is being administered in a responsible and efficient manner.  Notices, Newsletters, Rules, and Audited Financials should be easy to find, review, and question.  Our system can provide secure accessible file storage so your Board can share important documents directly with your ownership to provide transparency, cut out speculation, and reduce printing and mailing costs.


The right professional for the right job.  We have a robust network of trades and service professionals to fulfill any Condominium Corporation need. Let us handle the day to day and obtain quotes, tender contracts, and respond to owners, so your Board can focus on the larger decisions that maximize community appeal and investment value.


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